Creating smart garments for better health


At Predictive Wear, we strive to turn everyday garments into lifesaving diagnostic tools. We combine the cutting-edge advances in biomedical engineering, textiles, and predictive analytics to turn garments into advanced biomedical sensors. Our team is focused on creating a smart compression garment to help monitor patients with heart failure and prevent re-hospitalizations.


Easy to Use

Predictive Wear solves the problem of patient compliance to compression therapy through an easy to use, aesthetic design and compliance monitoring technology. This will help patients keep up with compression therapy and will alert care-givers when the patient needs help complying.

Monitoring Enabled

Predictive Wear's compression garment is the first device to provide both compression therapy and advanced patient monitoring. This will help patients detect complications, reduce hospital readmissions, and provide gold standard prevention.

Strong Team

Predictive Wear's team holds biomedical engineering, textile, manufacturing, clinical, regulatory, artificial intelligence, and entrepreneurial expertise - all the skills required to execute the mission successfully.


  • Team Member

    Will Cruz

    Will is a global healthcare entrepreneur with a rich history of actualizing growth through disruptive innovation and portfolio strategy execution.

    Team Member

    Dane Albaugh

    Dane earned his B.S. in Biomedical Engineering at Purdue University where he received mentorship from the Purdue Foundry on entrepreneurship and developed skills in the field of deep learning.

    Team Member

    Pablo Argote

    Pablo earned his B.S. in Biomedical Engineering at Purdue University where he gained valuable skills in biomedical research, electrical engineering, and rapid prototyping.

  • Team Member

    Stacey Burr, Adviser

    VP of Product Development | Google Fit & Wear OS. Stacey is a well-known pioneer and leading expert in smart textiles and wearables. She has successfully commercialized several garments for organizations (e.g. DuPont, adidas) and has obtained FDA clearance for her designs.

    Team Member

    Colleen Hittle, Adviser

    CEO | ProVeritas Partners. Colleen is a well-known medical device regulatory expert and entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in the industry.

    Team Member

    Michael Mirro, MD, Adviser

    Medical Director | Parkview Research Center. Dr. Mirro is a veteran researcher and clinician. He has been the principal investigator in over 100 clinical studies in his career.

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